first cock i sucked

Got drunk with gay guys from work .any way was only about 19-20 and was working in melb part time as a night porter at stkilda road hotel. First couple of nights worked out that most night staff there were bi /gay mainly guys. I was pretty fit at the time and few gay guys were hittin me up , i laughed it off , but id always liked looking at cocks so ,doir was open .at work that night two giys i worked with kept talking bout guy in such n such a room , he was openly naked everytime a porter went in there . I was nrxt to take wine to that room , knocked , come in , was the reply . Door was unlocked , inside was fairly dark was hot gay porn on big screen tv , guy sitting on couch naked with guy on floor in front of him , gently sucking on other guys huge cock , stopped sucking for second looked up at me , said hi , smiled then continued to suck on fat cock watching me the whole time . Another naked man walks out of bedroom says hi and here , heres your tip . Guy getting the headjob says to guy sucking him "you want this one" the sucker nods his head moaning mm yeth , moans some more sucking cock deeply . My cock was as hard as a rock which all could see . Guy who gave me the tip says ,"come back when u knock off and ill give you a real tip" . AT This i left back to my station , with a huge hardon . Told one of the other guys what happened, and he said its against the rules , but i go for it if i was you . I said na not my thing . Right as my shift ended guy id told about it , comes up to me and says guy in room i took wine to had requested me to bring morr wine when i knocked off . Wot the heck , why not . Once again i knock , door is opened by the guy who tipped me,naked, his big uncut cock right in front of me .come in he says shuts the door places his hands on my hips and gently pushes me towards the other two on the couches who are just sitting naked as well he turns me around and motions for me to sit . I do and my face is now right at his cock height and mere inches from my face . He grasps my head on both sides tilts my face up to his and says to me " mm you wanna kiss it baby , i saw how hard you were when u bought us first bottle of wine " as i said earlier , ive always liked looking at cocks, now the biggest one ive ever seen is a tongues length from my lips . He smiles , says "its alright , kiss it baby, and guides my mouth towards his semi erect cock. Mm his foreskin fascinated me , i licked it tentatively, mm it felt nice , i licked my lips,opened my mouth and took just part of his skin covered knob into my mouth , closing my lips on it slowly and sensually sucking back away from him his forskin extending furthrr over his cock stuck between my clamped lips like a real kiss . He pushed gently into me my mouth opened to his growing hardening cock ,an involuntary moan escaping from me he pushed further , mm this was bliss and now i wantrd as much of that hot fat cock in my mouth as i could get . Wanted to gag on it , when he fucked my face deep but not to forcefully i marvelled at how my mouth and throat seemed to self lubricate stickiest slippery saliva i could imagine . Mm i was in heaven , had forgottrn about other two guys untill i noticed both theyrr big cocks either side of my face , i eagerly grabbed them both wanking them , and then sucking them altrrnatley or trying to take two or even all three in my mouth at once . As it was my first time i sort of freaked when one guy started to cum onmy face , but he insisted i suck him clean , i did , i loved it and i hapily took both sides other loads in my mouth and throat and all over my face. Feeling a bit akward i started to say my goodbyes when they handed me three hundred dollars and asked if id be back next night . I never worked there again as my boss got wind of me fraternising with patrons and sacked me , didnt matter was the eighties , plenty of jobs , and id found out how much i liked sucking dicks. Mm have never looked back since that day. Cheers , to three anonymous men with big cocks , thanyou

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