A new trainee was recruited and when he was introduced around so some reason he aroused me. It was not my turn to do inductions so I didn't see him around much and thought it was for the best to avoid fucking workmates ( accept my boss of course) and sexual harassment complaints
On the way out for lunch I ran into him Peter and invited him to gat a sandwich with me. He was setting in third week liked the job liked Craig his mentor and they more we talked I felt that arousal again. He was in his last year of uni and had 2 half days for lectures. I offered to help him and often worked back if needed any assistance and left it at that.
A couple of days later he knocked on the door of my office and I was pleased to see him. He was working a project and wanted so help on the assumptions. It was already late and when we finished I invited him for a drink and we went down to out local bar.
He was intresting to talk to just made me hot. We were in a booth and I couldn't resist putting my hand on his thigh as we were talking. Peter didn't react so I moved up his thigh.
I asked ïs this alright with you?) and he nodded so I moved a bit higher and felt uder his crotch, he leaned forward to make it easier and that made me hard.
Peter accepted my invitation to my place and didn't talk much on the drive.
I invited him in got a couple of beers from the fridge and sat in the kitchen. I started back on his thigh "Do you like guys?" He suprised me with "Never tried it but have though about it"
I was now feeling his crotch and could feel his cock hardening. I undid his trouses and dropped them to the floor and his stiff cock was standing up in his whities. "Take off your shirt"I told him while I quickly undressed. Peter was a white as alabaster-no sun marks at all. His cock was about 6"with a thick black hairy nest on his all white body. I sofetly played with his cock and ball sac and I could see he enjoyed it. I moved to beside him and could now see his magnificant white bubble bum- Like Michanglos David wow!
I put his hand oon my cock and we started feeling and moved to my balls- he was learning quick. My cock was like a rock and I moved behing him so my cock was laying along his bumcrack and moved against his body while I continued to play with his cock. Peter was breathing quicker and was close to cuming.
I stopped fondling him and rubbed his shoulders and pushed harder against Äre you OK with this? Yes he mumbled and I turned him around and drropped to my knees and softly with the tip of my tongue started licking his hard cock that got a big sigh so I licked the lenght and sucked his balls and but hands around on his hot arse and squeezed. I looked up "Like that"yes he stammered. I stood up and eased his haed down to my cock and told him to lick me and he quickly complied and started sucking. I stopped him "lick it first"" and he did as I rubbed his shoulders "Now suck it"and he took my hard cock in his mouth and was sucking very enthusactically -was he really a virgin?
I had him stand up and went back to sucking him while my fingers moved closer to his boyhole. He was starting to pant so I slipped on finger in his arse and sucked his cock faster. He groaned so a second finger and sucked faster now he was moaning and I went hard I could taste his pre cum and then he came, I keep sucking he came again I swallowed he came again -juicy boy.
He groaned loudly as he kept cumming in my mouth with my 3 fingers in his arse. I slowed and started licking the cum off his cock and turned him around and he slumped on the kitchen bench.
I spat so of his cum on his arse crack grabbed some olive oil (virgin of course) off the bench and lubed his beautiful white arse. His legas opened slightly and put my cock head sliding along his bum crack and teasing the hole. I squeezed the head in "Relax I will go slow open up lean back and he complied . Now with a couple of inches of my cock in I withdrew and slowly pumped a little deeper each time. It was tight but with a bith more oil half in then more slowly. He sqeuled a little as the second half filled him but then I was hard up his arse I stopped and eased it out, then slowly in again, agin a little quick Ïs that alright?"yes he responded so I went hard er the next time. Then I lost it and was pounding his arse with the full lenght of my cock he was groaning and that only made me go faster and then I came, again and then a third time -that is so good
He laid against Peter for a while an slowly my cock softened and warm cum and oil started leaking from his arse. I pulled back a bit more so just the head was in his bum, bit more and like an umcorked bottle the oil and cum started running down his leg as he turned around and we hugged.
"Was that really your first time?" Peter and a mate had stroked each other cock but all the rest was new and he was keen for more.
We showered and 69 and he left.
His beautiful pale body was such a turnon and he also had a "tell" The next day at work we were at the coffee machine and he had some red blotchs on his face and I leart was wnen he was horny and that made me horny. Peter was a very keen trainee and I was more than happy to teach him more.

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