my transistion from straight

It was june of 1995 . all hell had broken loose in my marriage of 30 years.
Unbelieveable.. the emotion the financial burned the planning.
suddenly a mirror appeared in front of me.. and displayed all that I had taken for granted for all of these years.
I was 56 wrinkled , grey haired. but i still had the sexual weapons to get my by the future.
an apponment to hospitalise for cosmetic surgery and a transformation of the face and necklines took place'
gymn attendance and beachwalks no alcahol and proper food led to a complete transfomation.
now what do I do .. i was supposed to be straight and had no inclination towards meeting another woman.. the thought of female sex nauseated me.
i advertised myself in a gay newspaper.. and moved to the blue mountains.
I didnt have to advertise . OMG the mountains full of gay enthusiasts and settled gay men and women , by far the greatest introduction to the realisation of being gay in a transistion was so good.
My beautiful house and computer were my friends for life.
I decided to make my house a haven bed and breakfast for gay men and women
and how successful was it :):):)
from my first answer to my ad in the gay paper to the introductory sexual intermingling with a guest or two
How my sexual gay confidence was boosted
I worked up the courage to sponsor a permanent young partner from indonesia ., this was a gay marRIAGE FOUND IN HEAVEN (SO i THOUGHT) but it lasted 4 years and a bit as my friend from immigration predicted... it will last until his permanent visa is approved.
the another came aboard ... i got him her and in tim through the weirdness of communications of non communications only sex.. he turned out to be a male money boy from indonesia.
One could say how did you not know... age and stupidity i guess
after the unpleasant unspill of emotions.. and the knowledge that they are both still here is beyond me but thats the immigration law and my stupidity.
from then it was me:
i moved to a small apartment in sydney from the mountains.. and palced my profile of GMM AMM Silver daddies... OMG I had to move to central coast to calm my old body down.
but calm it down i didnt..
there is ample here to fullfill the sexual needs from and older to a younger. no problems
in my nex blog i will go into my many sexual exploitations and what they have or have not taught me

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