Face Fuck with Ben

If you have read my last story you would know how I met Ben...

A couple of days after our first encounter Ben messages me asking if I wanted to catch up for a beer... I knew this ment he wanted more so we arranged to meet at his place. I knocked on the door, he opened it and I went in and we sat down in the living room, he explained that his house mates had gone out and would be back within a couple of hours but in the mean time we were alone.

Ben is a very polite and shy guy so I made the first move. He sat down next to me, as he did I turned towards him and put my hand inside his leg, straight away he pushed my hand up onto his cock... It was on!

I rubbed his cock through his pants until it was hard, this didn't take long. I undid his jeans and got down on my knees in front of him, as I did he pushed his pants down exposing his rock hard cock and shaven balls. I wasted no time before teasing the head of his cock with my tongue and lips while stroking his balls. He was already rewarding me with pre cum. I looked up into his eyes as I slowly took more and more of him into my mouth. I could see in his face he was enjoying what I was doing. He kept saying 'that's it'. Like last time he was respectful and a complete gentleman. After about ten minutes he suggested we moved to the bedroom.

He got up and guided me to the other end of the house, as we walked in the door he took his pants off all together and gestured to me to lay on the bed. He then asked if he could 'fuck my face'. Being inexperienced this was something I'd never done but wanted to try, so I said yes and told him to guide me. He positioned me in the middle of the bed and climbed ontop of my face, pinning me to the bed. He put his penis on my lips and slowly pushed it in and out of my mouth. He then told me he was going to go deeper and to relax, he pushed into my throat, I gagged a bit but he slowly and gently kept going, he would stop regularly so I could breath. As I began to trust him and got to know the rhythm I relaxed and this allowed him to get his whole cock down my throat. He slowly built up pace as he was getting closer to cumming and was giving me breathers less often. Without realising it i would try to push him off for a breath so he stopped, took my hands and pinned then under his knees to prevent me. He started fucking me again, my mouth was getting very sloppy and wet and so was my face. After about 10 or 15 minutes, I knew it wouldn't be long before he came, he was getting harder and rougher. He would push his cock all the way into my throat and hold it in for a couple of seconds before I would gag. Eventually the last time he held his cock in while I was gagging and exploded into my throat... This made me gag even harder that seemed to turn him on more. He held until he was done.....

He climbed off, told me that was awesome and got me a towel. The towel wasn't enough, I headed straight off home to clean up.

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