Good night for all

I had hooked up with Paul casually maybe half a dozen times in the space of a couple of weeks. He is a strong top and has always been a gentleman to me. I texted him last night asking if he wanted to hook up and he replied he was drinking with some mates and would let me know when to come over. I had fallen asleep a couple of hours later when I received a text saying that they are leaving and to come over.

I arrived at his house and made my way to the door. He opened it and rushed me straight into his bedroom. I didn't realise his mates where still over. He explained that the plan had changed and that his mates where staying over. This didn't bother me, infact it turned me on thinking we were secretly hooking up while his mates where over.

We crawled into bed, Paul was drunk and always wants a blow job when he has been drinking. (the reason we get along so well as I love giving head, its my 'thing') He turned the light out and I started to slowly suck his penis the way he likes it and has taught me. Pushing his penis into my mouth until it touches my throat, hold it then slowly slide it out while gently rubbing his balls. He was really hard and seemed very horny, I could taste his precum and was really enjoying it. Every now and then I could feel he was close to cumming but not ready so he would hold my head still with his penis at the back of my throat for a while so he could enjoy it a bit longer.

After about half an hour, the door slowly opened and two of his mates came in... I immediately thought that we had been busted and pulled the covers over Paul and I in an attempt to hide what was going on. I was soon to discover, his mates knew I was coming over and Paul asked if they could join in...This was something I had always thought about so I agreed.

Paul moved me into the doggy position and started having anal with me while his mates took turns fucking my mouth standing at the side of the bed. They were both very different, one just seemed to love me doing the work and sensually sucking his cock and playing with his balls. The other was very rough, I had never been with someone this rough before. He would grab my head and push his penis into my throat causing me to gag. I could feel that It made Paul very horny seeing me gag on his mates cock, he was getting really hard and had slowed right down. It wasnt much longer until Paul grabbed my hips hard, pushed himself as deep as he could into me and his rock hard penis came in my arse. Very soon after his mate came in my throat causing me to gag, holding me there gagging until he had finished cumming... Then he and Paul left the room and headed to the living room for what sounded like more drinking.

His other mate, Ben was still in the bedroom with me, he asked if I wanted him to leave with them. He had been so gentle with me, so I just pulled him into the bed and continued to give him one of my best trademark slow (bordering on edging) blowjobs for the next hour until he came a huge load in my mouth. He thanked me , put his pants on and left the room.

I cleaned up and snuck out of the house and went home. (Not before getting Bens number) Hope to catch up with them again soon.

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