First gay/bi experience

My first sexual experience with a guy was unexpected. My room-mate and I had shared a flat for six months and got along well but weren’t really friends. I had seen him naked after showering and he was a muscular guy with classic dark features. I was leaner back then but with good definition and 7 inch cock. We decided one Friday night to go out cruising together as various friends had stood us up.

We went to a night club and it wasn't long before we found a couple of girls who wanted to come back to our place for a little fun. No sooner were we back then one girl got a call and had to leave. The other girl was still keen to stay and play. She said she had been with two guys before and it was really hot. I assumed she meant one guy after the other. She sat between us on the lounge and started kissing my room mate and then turned to me and kissed me.

She returned to my room mate's mouth and removed his shirt and started feeling his crotch. He was clearly getting turned on and stood up while she pulled off his jeans and dragged off his briefs already full with his hard-on. As his boner sprang free she kneled before it and licked and sucked it passionately. I felt surprisingly comfortable watching, like seeing a porn filmed live. He was really enjoying his blow job and smiled at me and shook his head as if to say, how good is this?

I had quite the boner myself when she sat him back down and just as quickly stood me up and stripped me naked. My cock felt so good in her expert mouth and having my room-mate watching this was an extra hot turn-on. He actually was stoking his cock while he watched my blow job performed. She then sat me next to him and stripped off herself. She sat astride both of us her legs spread wide acroos us and began kissing us again in turns.

It wasn't long before we were kissing her at the same time and accidentally kissing each other a little in the process. She suddenly pulled back from the 3 way kiss and pushed our faces together forcing us to kiss each other. My room-mate was shy with his tongue but seemed to be willing to do as she wished and locked lips with me for several minutes. While we were doing that she grabbed our cocks in each hand and stoked them, lubed up with her spit.

She had me stand up and laid my room-mate on his back and crouched over his cock on the lounge. He was really ready to fuck as his cock was throbbing hard and dripping pre-cum. She sat down on him, impaling herself on his big boner. They both moaned from the pleasure. She slowly rode him for a little while and then turned to me, still standing there stroking my own hard cock.

She told me to kneel behind her in between his legs, which he dutifully spread. She told me to fuck her. His cock was clearly buried in he pussy so I asked if she wanted me to ass fuck her. She said no I want you both in my pussy. i noticed my room-mate got an incredulous look on his face but clearly wasn't pulling his cock out if he didn't have to.

So I obeyed as she lay down on my room-mates chest. I could see my room-mates big cock in her wet hole and grabbed mine by the base and guided it in. The sensation was amazing. The hardness of his cock against mine in that tight wet hole was so intense that he and I both moaned. I began to fuck. He couldn't move, so I set the pace. i began with long slow deep fucks maximizing every inch of my cock against every inch of his. I fucked against his boner for several glorious minutes until he yelled he was cumming. His cock pulsed against mine and a second later my cock was bathing in his hot load.

He stayed fairly hard as I began to fuck faster with this thick wet lube coating my cock. Soon she came and pulled away from us, pushing me onto my back on the couch. My room-mate and l lay ass to ass with our legs spread around each others torso. I was still aching to cum and he was still half hard. It seemed like the novelty of this 2 man fuck was keeping him horny. She knelt down and sucked him gently, quickly working him into a full hard on and had me slide closer to him until our ass checks were pressed together and our balls competed for the little space left between our legs.

She stood over us on the lunge and lowered her pussy onto the cock head of my room mate and told me to put mine next to it. As I did she slide down on both our shafts and began riding us at the same time. This felt even better to me as I was now cock to cock, balls to balls and ass to ass with my room-mate. I felt his ass grind against mine as we responded to the cock riding we were getting.

A few minutes later and I felt my load shooting through my shaft and explode inside her. As my hard-on eased up while still inside her I felt my room-mate began to thrust hard against my cock. A few seconds later he unloaded a second time and she stood up with both our cum loads dripping from her and down our happy cocks. I told you it would be fun she said as she dressed and left us lying ass to ass on the lounge.

I had never enjoyed sex so much and most of it was due to my room-mate and his cock. I looked down at my own cum soaked cock lying on my abs and his a few inches away resting on his cum covered balls and thought, I want to do this again someday. I rose on my elbows to see his face, blissful from unleashing two loads, and asked if he wanted the shower first. He said no man, lets just fall to sleep here, I’m too spent to move. So we did, ass to ass, legs around each others body, cum soaked balls resting happily together. Who wouldn't be sold on cock after that.

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