Fiction but close to the truth. Success I''m finding is sucking and being fucked by the right cocks.
I had worked on this deal for months and Dave was the final decision maker. He was in town and asked me to come over to his hotel this evening with the draft contract to go over the details. I had invested so much time on this and it was a big deal and was under pressure as I was behind on my sales targets so whatever it took was OK with me. I rang Dave from reception and he said to come up his room as it was quieter that the bar.
He opened the door wearing just a bathrobe. He must have just showered. "Had a big day so thanks for coming so late in the day" he said as he closed the door behind us. I was feeling seriously nervous by now, 3 months work and it had come to this moment.We went over to the table and I spread the the proposal out with summary on top."Would you like a drink. I'm going to have one?" I accepted and over a bottle of wine we went through the details."Looks OK but it is a big decision. You must be on a pretty goot bonus if you get this?"I could only agree. "How badly do you want it?" I was puzzled and then he slowly opened his bathrobe and peeled it off letting it drop to the floor. He was naked underneath. I gulped nervously as I gazed at his taunt body. His large cock and balls dangled between his hairy thighs. He placed his hand on my forearm and gave it a squeeze.Instantly my cock stirred in my pants. He held my hand and led me to his bedroom
He undressed me with ease, first pulling my shirt over my head then stripping off my slacks. I gently groped his biceps and his torso. He
was looking at me intensely with his lustful eyes as he ran his hands over my naked body. I was trembling all the time. He spun me round
so I had my back to him then he forced me down onto all fours. He knelt down behind me. I braced myself ready to be fucked. I felt his
hands on my ass cheeks making me jolt. He stretched them apart. I felt the tip of his coarse tongue flick between my ass cheeks "Mmmmm
that virgin hole taste good," he said as he licked around my anus. Pre cum was dripping from my pee slit. He scooped it onto his finger tips and then rubbed it into the middle of my hole, slowly penetrated my hole with just one finger, shoving it in and out of my ass and massaging my prostate. Scooping more of my precum onto his fingertips I felt him slip a second finger in stretching and working my hole. I was lost inraptures of ecstasy. Suddenly he shoved both his fingers all the way up my ass, I could not help myself, and I let out a small gasp. With hisfree hand he stroked my hard cock He licked and sucked on my balls. He then pulled my cock between my legs. I felt his lips on my cock as he started to suck and swallow the head of my cock. Sucking so vigorously that I soon shot my load into his mouth. He let my juices dribble out of his mouth onto my hole.
He then penetrated me with 3 fingers, moving his fingers around the inside and stretching open my anus. He spat a mixture of his saliva
and my juices into my hole. Working his fingers all the way up my ass. My whole body trembled and I gave out loud sighs as he continued
to massage my prostate and lubricate me ready to fuck. He slapped my ass and stood up. Looking down at me he said, "I wanna feel that
tight hole wrap round my cock, and you want to feel my hard cock in ya." He lay on his back on his bed. "Come sit over my cock and feed it
into ya tight warm hole." I straddled his massive hard cock while he held it up for me to ease down on and penetrate my ass. His precum
that was oozing out his pee slit and running down the shaft would help to lubricate my ass some more. I slowly lowered myself onto the
thick head of his hard cock. He had his free hand on my hip helping me to press down. I pressed down gently at first then with more force.
The head stretched my anus to the limits then suddenly popped in There was a brief moment of pain making me yelp.
His hands were on my hips. "Take it slowly," he said. I moaned as he guided me down his shaft. His was a BIG cock, never in my life had I
experienced anything like this. My toes curled and my legs trembled as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through my body. He
penetrated me inch by inch with his hard cock, stretching my inside. He stopped and looked into my eyes, "Are you okay to take it all the
way to the hilt?" I nodded my head to indicate I was. He had his hands on my hips and gently forced my ass down onto his cock as he
thrust up with his hips. Penetrating me as deep as he could possibly go. My sphincter gripped his cock making him moan in appreciation.
I had my hands on my head stretching my naked chest. Dave ran his hands up and down my chest and over my butt squeezing my ass
cheeks. I gyrated my ass on his thick hard cock as he Looked at me with glazed eyes enjoying the sensation of my tight ass riding his
massive hard cock. He reached out and placed his hands firmly on my shoulders. He was moaning and grunting as he pushed up hard on
me matching his thrusts with mine. My ass was slapping hard down on his groin. We were both sweating and moaning. My hard cock
bouncing up and down as I rode his hard cock. Dave held me tighter as his cock throbbed inside me. He was thrusting and holding as his
whole body shuddered. I felt a warm sensation in my gut as he squirted copious amounts of sperm juice into me. His juices spilled out my
ass onto his thighs. Squirts of pearly white cum shot out my pee slit all over Dave's naked chest. We had both cum at the same time.
I felt his cock shrinking inside me as he reached out and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close flipping me over onto my back and
rolling on top of me. Pulling his cock out of me as he did. Smearing cum off his body onto me as he laid a top of me. There was a smell of
sex and cum in the air. Looking into my eyes he said, "That was fucking awesome." He continued to stroke my naked body as he looked at
me with lust in his eyes. He kissed my lips, his warm fleshy wet lips melting into mine. His tongue penetrating my mouth and deep down my
throat. He licked my neck and shoulders licking down to my nipples. I could feel the warmth of his body as he lay on top of me. I lay
shivering with excitement as he continued to suck my nipples. I stroked his muscular back and ran my hands over his firm butt. Enjoying
the sensual feeling.
Dave was amazingly soon horny again. "I'm gonna fuck you again" he said in a raised voice. He lifted my legs up in the air and rested them on his shoulders. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my hole. With a gentle thrust he reentered me. Slipping his warm thick hard cock deep inside me. It stung a bit and made me inhale deeply as it entered my wet warm hole. "That feel good?" He asked as he licked my face.
"Mmmm hell yeah!" I sighed. I felt his hands stroking my inner thighs then with a firm grip of my legs he raised them further up in the air, making my ass raise up even more. Putting me in an easier position for him to fuck. He could now get up on his toes and use the full weight of his body and the power of his hairy legs to fuck me. I really liked the feeling of him taking control of me.
I dug my fingers deep into his shoulders, as he started to fuck me in gentle short deep strokes, stabbing his thick hard cock deep into my
gut. I could hear and feel his balls slapping my ass as he started to fuck me more vigorously. The whole of his body convulsed as he used
the whole weight of his body and the power of his legs to thrust hard and deep into my hole. I could hear his deeprooted
grunt as heunloaded his juices, filling me up, making my whole body shiver. Suddenly I felt an electric jolt rip through the whole of my body from my head to my toes. It was an awesome overwhelming deep sensual feeling to have Dave on top of me with his squirting cock inside me. I relished the thick warm wetness that trickled out my ass and down the small of my back. His cock was still inside me as I lowered my legs and wrapped them around his waist. We stayed locked in a tight embrace for a long time after that, kissing and enjoying the feel of our bodies in a sensual cuddle.
As we lay there he whispered into my ear "We still have time for me to fuck you agen." He was insatiable.He told me to get in doggie position. Next thing I knew I was pushing my ass up and spreading my legs ready to take his cock again. I felt his cock head sliding up and down my smooth wet buttcrack.
Covering his shaft with cum juices seeping out my anus. I stretched my ass cheeks apart and aimed my asshole at his beautiful veiny cock. He had his left hand on my shoulder and held his hard cock with his right hand and pressed it hard on my hole as he leaned over me. Sliding his rock hard cock deep into me. I was relishing every moment. He gripped me around my hips for better leverage
and used his hips to slam hard into me. I wriggled my ass and worked with him, matching his strokes and sticking my ass up to make it
better for him to fuck me. I could feel his cock throbbing as he fucked me like a dog on a bitch. He was sweating profusely. His sweat was
dripping onto my back as he pounded my ass continuously for 20 minutes or more before he squirted another load up my ass.Then he
slumped down on me with his whole weight. Laying on me, licking and kissing my shoulders and neck.
We eventually showered and he said "OK lets do this deal and then Im going to fuck you again can you stay the night?" I eagerly agreed. He had me suck & lick him and he sucked and fucked me For as long as he could that night, each fuck taking longer before he shot his load into me. Eventually he fell off to sleep. I sucked his flaccid cock until I fell off to sleep. In the morning he fucked me again before I showered "Pleasure doing business and we will have to meet to bed this contract down I hope you will be available" I was anytime. My ass was numb and sore from all the fucking it had taken and I was still dribbling out sperm juices. I was feeling ecstatic.Deal done and a great fuck and more to come as I sucked and fucked my way to SUCCESS.

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