Sales Conference

I was on a sales course and shared a room with another guy. After dinner we had a few beers and messed around and it turned me on. We were

in a twin room and my cock was hard and I looking at Jason asleep made me imagine more so I went over to his bed.
Jason was still asleep, of course, but he was a man who thrashed about quite a bit in his
sleep, and he'd kicked the covers askew on his body. He slept without clothes entirely, and I could see
his entire left side, for the covers had slipped away from him that much, his body was all curves of
sleeping muscles, large even in repose, his face a squarish masculine form with black hair just long
enough to show it a small wave to the hairs, a small smile on his face. He put me in mind of a sleeping
panther I'd seen in a zoo, lounging about comfortably, master of all he surveyed and feeling no sense
of danger anywhere to bother with.
It also made it easy for me to do what I did, which was to slip into the bed next to him and lying there,
slide my hand under the covers and wrap my hand around his prick. It was there, large and warm and
soft, like a lump of velvetwrapped sausage, and I lifted it, feeling how plump and rich and warrrmm Jason stirred but didn't wake up. I

gave his cock a few soft strokes up and down and Jason moaned in his sleep. But his cock stiffened, and I lifted the covers up and over to
expose his midsection, and I saw as well his stomach with its dusting of hairs over the sixpack
of absh e maintained by hours of working out in the gym. But mostly I saw his
cock, the thick seven inches (that's what he told me it was, anyhow and that looked right) of it in my
hand, the glans all pinkish above the shaft which was a pale golden color, like Jason's body.
I looked up at him, still asleep and I grinned. Now I got to wake him up!
My mouth open, I went down over his cock and it slid inside over my tongue smooth as ice cream, only
much warmer. When I got it all the way inside my mouth, I closed my lips and, holding onto the skin
of the shaft, I drew upwards, the cockskin forming thick folds on my tongue. Jason moaned, and stirred. I knew what was happening. Jason

was waking up.
I began to suck on him slowly, moving up and down and up and down, taking about five seconds for
each upanddown
stroke. A hand reached up, sleepily, fumbling, and landed on my head. Just a
touch, and I moved up and down faster now, about two seconds for each upanddown
"Oooh, oh, oh, yeah!". Jason moaned and his fingers clenched through the brown thatch of
my head hair. Now he was gripping me like that, but still gently. "Oh, oh, baby, yeah, come on, suck it
for me."
I began to play my tongue over his shaft as I moved up and down and that earned me more moans
from him, still sleepy sounds, but waking up, waking up more.
His chest was moving up and down, and his moans now put me more of a bear, prowling in the woods
and whuffling as it searched for nuts or berries. Not an aggressive sound, but a powerful sound, and Jason was a powerful man, it suited

"Oh, oh, yeah, baby, I'm coming, baby, I'm coming." he moaned to me. "You want to take it this
morning, or me shoot it all over you?"
I liked when he asked me that. "Shoot it on me." I decided. "Be sure you warn me in time, okay?" I had
lifted off to say that, but when I went back to sucking him, I did it with all the speed and grip I could
bring to bear.
"Okay, baby, going to shoot it on you, all over your face, baby, all over your face, I, oh! Oh, baby, her
it comes, it's coming, I'm coming, now, now, now!"
I lifted off him again, but my hand took over and I rose up and put my face a few inches in front of that
steaming schlong of his. My hand hammered him like a demon and Jason moaned,writhed and moaned again, and I was looking right at his cock

when he creamed! Hot white jets of manjizz sprayed and the first glob hit me on my left cheek just under the eye and I
closed my eyes because more was coming up, and more wads splattered my face, hitting my right eye
on the eyelid, on my nose and chin, right over my lips, another on my forehead, and all of these squibs
of spunk were dribbling down my face from where they'd landed, and I lifted my face as the sprays
stopped, and just let them run down my face!
"Oh, oh, oh, man!" Jason panted as he finished, and I opened my good left eye and saw
him lying under me, his huge chest rising up and down really fast as he breathed. "You are so damned
good at that, !"
"Yeah!" I giggled. "You awake now?"
"Yeah, I'm awake, at...." Jason looked at the clock. "Oh, jeez, sixfortyfive!
I could haveslept another half hour!"
"So go back to sleep." I told him. I lifted my finger up and wiped a glob of his spunk off my face and
stuck it in my mouth. "Mmm, nice and salty, but nice." I told him.
"Next time I want to cum in that bubble butt of yours OK?"
önly after you lick finger & lub me then I want it all and HARD"
"Deal, tonight"

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