my first time at a sauna

well i had been told about these gay saunas . so i check out where they are and thought i have to try them out they sound so good . i set off to the station and got the train three hrs latter i was in town. so i had something to eat and drink then set off to the sauna i got there very weary about who was around but finally got the guts to go in the front door . got to the counter the guy said hi then looked at me funny and said you do know this is a gay sauna lol and i look at him and said yes i do its my first time haha . then he said you will be fine just take your time and enjoy your self ok . i said ok thanks he gave me my towel and locker key and in i went . when i got to my locker there where three guys getting changed i felt a little nerves but thought what the heck i started getting undressed . then i went and had a look around and ended up at the sauna and spar so i thought id have a dip in the spar. so i got in and got settled it wasnt long till some other guys got in and one sat next to me and smiled so i said hi and smiled back at him .he sat there for a bit then i felt his leg touch mine i thought nothing of it at first then it happened again i looked at him he smiled at me again so i did the same next i feel his hand on my leg sliding up and down i just let him go and sat there after i little bit longer his hand was at my balls and then he had my cock in his hand and sed feels nice dose it i just smiled with a grin he looked at me and sed wont to go watch a move. i sed yeah ok so we got out and went to this room where there was porn playing and there where big beds in there it was kool so i layed down and he did to after a minute or so he had my cock in his hand again and played with it for a little bit then he slid down and took it in his mouth and started sucking me off it was amazing id never had a head jod this good before he sucked and sucked until boom i blow like i never had before and he swallowed it all he was amazing then he look up at me and sed thank you that was very yummy ill be looking out for you next time im here with a grin on his face i just said ok thanks and off he went i went and had a wash and thought id cheek out all the little hall ways thay are amaz you get lost in them but i got to a little room at the end of one of the hallways the lighting was dim i was a little bugged so i thought id just have a lay down for a minute next thing i must have fell asleep . and then i felt a hand sliding around my love hole i thought i was dreaming lol then it stoped so i just went back to sleep i must have gone in to a deep sleep because next thing i know i have a guy fucking me down get me rong it was very nice to wake up to lol he fucked me real good it was my first time and it was the best when he finished he sed you are amazing to fuck thank you i sed no thank you i loved it with a big grin on my face . i layed there for a bit then thought i wont moor so i got up and went back to the sauna and there was this young guy sitting in the sauna real little hotty mmmm so i got in and we said hi to each other . then i thought ill do what the other guy did to me ill try fined his leg with mine well it dident take long till i found it so i touched his leg two or three times and he just sat there i thought well he is not telling me to stop so i kept going i slid my leg up his i got to his knee and still he didnt say anything so i went strait up to his balls and cock when my foot got there his hand went strait on top of my foot i look at him with a smile and then went strait over to him a took hold of his cock and started to play with it he looked at me and smiled after a little bit i said wat do you like downing he said im vers what about you i said im bottom and i looked at him and said you wont to fined a room he grined and said yes so we got out and found a room and he pounded me like wow it was so good he went for about fifteen minutes and then i felt his knob grow and then he gave a big grunt and came i will be looking out for him next time im there lol after that i thought id have a shower and go home i was happy i got fucked two times in one day what an amazing day it was (:)

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