Strange Sex Act – Strange but Fun

One day a fuck buddy and I were having a 69 and I said I had to get up for a piss. He asked me not to. I assumed he had golden showers in mind, but I was wrong. He asked me to drink more water as he did too. We drank about a litre each and continued playing. After a while, I said I really had to piss. He said he wanted to fuck me while I needed to piss. (The desire to piss should not be to the point of pain of course; just somewhat urgent.)

I got into the doggie position as he suggested. While he fucked me, he reached around with both hands and with each thrust of his hips, he gently but firmly pressed his fingers into my lower abdomen. He was pressing and releasing in rhythm with his trusts.

The idea is that the prostate is being massaged from both sides, by his cock in my arse and by my full bladder being pushed by his fingers. It was hard to get used to at first but not painful. He kept telling me to think of the need to piss as “feeling good rather than bad”, and that I could stop at any time and have piss if wanted to. I just had to adjust my thinking and relax.

Once I got over the feeling of needing to piss, I have to say it was amazing. It also feels good for the top guy as his belly full of piss bounces around on the bottom guy’s arse.

When we finished, we headed to the bathroom for a shower, where we pissed all over each other while laughing our heads off.

If you want to try this strange sex act, to get used to the idea, you can jack-off with a full bladder. You should drink at least a litre - just enough to get the urgent need to piss. Then while you are jacking-off, press your tummy in with your free hand. I practised like this a few times after the first session. The second time we did it, I enjoyed it much more.

The guy who showed me this is from Egypt and he reckons it is a very old practice among some Arab groups. He reckons there are other peculiar Arab sex acts too which he wanted to show me, but so far he hasn’t. I just hope these activities don’t involve a camel.

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