For the last 5 or so years since I've been a single man I've really only looked for men of my age or older i thought this would lead to more not just sex i liked looking at the 20/30 somethings but never went there. But my views have changed and how. I met Josh at a bar n Sydney at the time we were just chatting i bought him a drink or 2 he was 24 skinny nice looking a bit awkward but a nice guy. Things progressed i went to turn to the bar and he felt my ass i looked back smiled i was so turned on. We had 1 more then he kissed me just a peck but enough for me to know he was at least keen for tonight. We quickly headed back to my place stripped and started kissing passionately tongues flicking in and out neck nibbling and my hand stroking his wonderful cock. In the middle of the lounge room i went down on my knees and took him in my mouth his rock hard cock sliding between my lips i could taste his pre cum and it was oh so sweet. I stood up grabbed his hand we nearly ran to the bedroom his awkwardness had left him he pushed me down on the bed my ass in the air and he buried his tongue in my hole mmm his face lifts and i feel the head of cock pressing against me then slowly into me oh my god it was a different energy no one minute wonder it felt like he was in me for an hour truth be toolkit was 5-10 minutes he pulls out blows all over my cheeks and back. I turn over lick the head clean of cum we roll around kissing playing him biting my nipples then he sucked my eager cock i moaned like i was 20 again and between sucking me fingering me and pinching my nipples i blow. I haven't experienced this in a long time but lucky for this tart it wasn't over he pushes my legs apart climbs on me i wrap my legs around him a he fucks me hard this time deep hard rough oh my god its fantastic. He cums slaps my ass and we lay on the bed kissing i fell asleep and probably didn't expect him there in the morning but to my happy surprise i wake he is spooning me his half hard cock resting on my back. It was Saturday no need to get up early i lust played there till he was awake. I love morning sex mmm but i loved it even more with Josh inside me

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