More lessons from the Tutor

UNi good & still getting instruction from my tutor. One afternoon He asked to come and visit a friend of his. I had come as he had

instructed dressed in a jockstrap under my shorts I thought for our usual fuck. We drove about 20 mins a away and he told me his friend

had a friend that had a 10 inch cock and he wanted to meet up-I was interested.
His mate Jay opened the door and he introduced us to Roger - a tall guy about 30 and we cracked some beers.Jay put some porn on and I was

getting hard already when Jay stripped off- great body and hard cock and hanging balls- he came over to me and I started to feel his balls

and cock while he felt me through my shorts and then quickly had them off down to my jocks and Jay started to suck my cock while I stroked

his and kept handling his big money bag balls. He turned me over and squeezed my buns and said Ï was told you had a great bubble butt and

fuck you have!"So my Tutor had organised this but I was so horny I couldn't care.
I was so engrossed I had forget my tutor but I looked across and he was licking the biggest cock I had seen outside porn. Absolutely bald

thick and uncut and he was getting the full Tutor suck job which is amazing. All this as Jay Had pulled my cock back under my bum and he

was sucking me while he fingered my bum. Then he started rimming my bum- I had never had this before and while he was pulling my cock he

moved his tongue all around my arse wow. I looked over and tute was still licking that big round of meat like it was the last one on

Jay now had me hot and my bum wet and his fingered were probing deeper and deeper- Two the three "Fuck me"I called loud enough for the

others there as I thinking about taking something as big as Rogers huge arse splitter. Jay complied. The head in and slowly I pushed

back and him deeper until I think I had it all.Then he started thrusting- faster deeper- He pulled my arse cheeks apart and ploughed me

hard. I yelled for more and saw that Tut was now starting ride Rogers man meat but it was only half way up his arse but Tut was now riding

deeper & I imagined that great man hunk filling my arse just as Jay let out a howl as the came in me.This was getting really good as Jay

started sucking me off while I saw Tut had not just taken the monster but Roger was thrusting up hard to Tut riding and he was yelling

like a banchee.

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