My first time

I have always got hard and hot thinking of having a hot hard cock slid up my arse. It’s been the basis of many of my wank sessions. While I’ve had a few suck sessions I have not had anyone break my cherry
I know how it is going to happen I just need to find the right person to fill in the void.
How I make contact doesn’t really matter but I get the opportunity to meet up with a guy at his place early afternoon He knows I am new to this and has promised me to allow me to take my time. He opens his door, late 30’s well built, dressed in a T shirt white modern style Y fronts. You know the ones, single strap around the hips but nice white pocket of material covering cock and balls. Not too tight but tight enough to get a good outline of his cock.
He invites me into his open style kitchen, meals, lounge area and asks if I want a drink. Sure whatever is going beer is fine. Plonk yourself down on the lounge he says “I’ve taken the opportunity to put some classy porn on the TV so make yourself feel at home”. I sit down on the main three seater he comes around passes me the beer and sits down on the other two seater across from me.
The conversation starts out general and pleasant. He’s got one leg crossed up under his other leg and his shirt comes down over his stomach so it is just the white bulge of his cock and balls sticking out from under the shirt
We talk about general stuff. I mention that this is not the normal type of porn movie. Its two guys with one girl and they are all working on each other but they are taking their time and no ditty music. Actually he says I must confess this is really a video of me and some friends a couple of weeks ago. Not having seen any faces yet I ask which one are you. He answers” the one being fucked by the girl with the strap on while sucking off the other guy” “oh “ I say “do you enjoy that”. “Most certainly do” he replies “In fact I am getting quite hard watching this again”. He slides his hand down to the bulge in his jocks and starts to slowly rub his cock through his jocks. His cock responds by getting very hard very quickly. He looks at me and says “you can sit and watch if you want until you feel happy to join in” I nod my head and start to watch him watch the movie.
His cock is now very hard and fighting to get out from his jocks. He slides his hand up and under the waist band and releases his cock into the air. His hand works over the head of his cock and down the shaft. there is a good 8 inches of glistening smooth cock there as her uses the precum to give some lubrication as his hand runs up and down his shaft. He opens his legs wider and now pulls the jocks over to the side so his full cock and balls are out in the air, and a gorgeous cock it is. I can feel my own cock starting to respond and get a little bit harder. He works on his cock a little bit longer than looks over to me and invites me to come closer to get a better look. I sit down on the lounge beside him. He closes his legs and slides his jocks down and off he then leans over to the coffee table slides out a narrow draw and gets out a life like dildo and some lube and puts them on the lounge. He then leans back on the lounge opens his legs wide, props his feet onto the coffee table, and goes back to stroking his cock. I am right there beside him and have front row seats to the show. He builds up speed and his cock seems to be getting harder and harder. The movie is still running and he is watching that while I sit and watch him. He turns back to me and asks if I can give him a hand. As he instructs me I grab the dildo and smother it in lube while he runs two of his lubed up fingers up his arse. He then asks me to slowly slid the dildo up his arse, which I do. For the next 10 minutes he tells me faster ,faster ,slower, slower as he builds himself up to the edge and then back down again. Sitting beside him my cock is resting up against his leg and by now it has become rock hard. He can feel it is hard and reaches over with one hand and begins to rub it through my jeans. “you need to let that be free’ he says so I stop with the dildo, stand up and drop my pants and jocks and take off my shirt. It is always such a great feeling to have a hard cock finally free to the open air. I sit back down and start up again with the dildo. He reaches over and starts to gently stroke my cock. “Are you ok” he asks “yes” I reply. He is working both cocks now as I continue to slid the dildo in and out of his arse.
We continue for about 5 minutes then he says “would you like to replace that dildo with your cock”. By now I am so horny I say yes without really thinking about it . So he grabs some lube and works up my cock, gets me to kneel between his legs and then slides down until his arse is just on the edge of the lounge. His picks one of his legs up onto my shoulder reaches down and grabs my cock and positions it at the opening of his arse. “Now fuck me hard with everything you’ve got’ he says as his other hand works feverishly on his own cock. I push my hips forward and can feel the head of my cock slowly entering him and sliding deep inside him. What a sensation so much tighter than pussy and you feel it over your whole cock. I slide all the way in until my balls slapped his arse, I looked up at him and he was just smiling. “Fuck me” he says. My god this is good I think to myself as I slid my cock out and plunge it back in again.
I build up a steady rhythm now and start to uncontrollably moan softly. It doesn’t take me long to get up to the brink. I think is this really happening. A long held dream coming to fruition. And it is better than I ever imagined. The thought and sight of me here sliding my cock up this guys arse starts to push me over the edge. He knows I’m coming and says “come on fuck me hard and fill me with your cum” Two strokes later I bury my cock as hard and as far inside him as I can and spill my full load. His timing was perfect and almost at the same time he shoots his load all over the front of my chest.
After resting on the lounge for a few minutes he asks me how that was. “Brilliant is all I can say”.
I feel really comfortable with this guy and we just lay there for a while and talk about general stuff. The movie is still playing in the background doing its stuff and after a while I can feel my cock stirring again. He notices this and asks me what I would like to do now. Feeling really comfortable I tell him I would like to feel his cock inside me but am not sure if it will hurt too much. I tell him I have always have a desire to be fucked by guy on a kitchen table so he reassures me that he will go slow and stop whenever I say so.
I get up onto the table, on my back, with my arse close to the edge; he stands at the end with both my legs on his shoulders. His cock is resting on top of mine and he is stroking both of them until they are both hard again, he lubes up our cocks and slips two fingers into my arse to lube that up as well. That I know I can handle as I have done it before, I have worked myself up to medium sized carrots but never to a real cock. He knows I am nervous so tells me to relax, it will be much easier then and he will stop if it starts to hurt too much. He moved his hips away and lines up his cock at the entrance of my arse, I can feel it resting on my cheeks. He asks me if I am still ok and I say yes so he slowly starts to slide his hard cock up my arse, stopping every few centimetres to check to see if I am ok. And ok I am
Ok is a bit of an understatement, the sensation is far greater than I had anticipated. As he slides up deeper I get more nervous and I ask him to stop because it is starting to hurt. But once I relax a bit I open up more and ask him to slide it in a bit further. Before long he tells me he can’t go any further and I can feel his balls pushing against the side of my arse. Wow to think I’ve got this guys cock fully inside me. What I hadn’t realised was that he had been also stroking my cock the whole time and I was fully hard. “fuck me now “ I said to him “ nice and slowly”
He slowly slid his cock out then all the way back in again. My god I thought I was going to die the sensation was so unbelievable, why had I not been introduced to this before. He now started to build up a nice steady slow rhythm both with his cock in my arse and his hand on my cock. Again he could sense that I was close to coming so he coordinated it so as I blew my load on my chest he buried his cock as deep as he dared to inside me. And what an orgasm it was , The best I have ever had. As I started to come down and start to breath normally he slid his cock out of me grabbed it in his hand and with three swift strokes blew his load over my chest.

What an experience it will be.
Just waiting now for the right meet

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