Interstate business man part 2

The next night he contacted me and asked me to meet him again in his room. When I arrived he greeted me with a beer and we had a chat. He told me some great stories of what he had been up to over the years with guys, asked what I'd like to experiment with and my boundaries.

About an hour had gone by chatting with a couple of beers when he suggested we have a shower together. We stripped of and headed to the bathroom. I took the body wash and slowly cleaned his body, I knew he liked it when his penis started to become erect, or maybe I just concentrated on the area a bit much... He stepped out, towled himself and told me he would be waiting. I quickly cleaned off and headed out.

I walked out the door to see him in the bed under the covers, so I crawled in with him and quickly found his erect penis. He was very turned on and felt so hard already. He told me 'go on, go down now' and gestured to me to go down on him. He didn't have to ask me twice, I loved the taste of his cock the night before and couldn't wait to get it in my mouth again. I started sucking on him nice and slow and deep, he told me to stroke his balls, when I did I could taste and feel him getting really turned on. He must have been thinking about this blow job all day cause not long after without warning he came a bucket load in my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and I swallowed as much as I could but some ran out of my mouth onto him.

I started to get up when he asked where I was going and pulled me back in. He layed me down face down and rubbing and feeling my arse. He then produced a bottle of lube and rubbed it on his penis and on me and very slowly started to push his penis into me. My heart was racing, this was happening so quickly, I thought it was all over one minute and the next I was loosing my arse virginity. It was such a rush, he knew what he wanted and he was taking it.

I felt his penis going into me and suddenly the pain started, I was groaning with the pain and trying to relax and take it in but this was very hard I must admit. He finally got all the way in me and asked if I was ok and if it was ok to keep going. Part of me wanted to say no, tell him to get off me and run out the door but another part was loving the thrill of it. I told him I was fine and to keep going. This was when he stated fucking me, he pulled me up into the doggy position and fucked my arse hard while holding me by the hips. I got used to the pain and started to enjoy him 'pounding' me for about 10 or 15 minutes before he pulled out rolled me onto my back and still on his knees lifted me back onto his cock and started again staring into my eyes. He kept going in this position for what seemed like forever (probably another 10 mins) before pulling out again telling me to lay back on my front, how we started. He pushed back into me and fucked me fast and hard, this was the home run and before long he slowed down and I felt (other than cumming myself) the single best feeling of my life, him cumming into me...

We got out of the bed, after a quick chat he told me he would contact me next time he's in town. I can't wait for his next visit.

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