my virgin arse fuck party

Looking for cock on the net, Im contacted by a guy and after some fairly direct questions which get me wet he invites me to meet at his place, just to watch a movie and talk.
We are alone and drinking coffee and talking about how he is looking for a virgin arse like mine to fuck and sharing stories of other virgin sluts. I havent had any real experience like that and hot porn is on the screen so Im getting hotter and hotter and thinking about his cock more and more and the fact that he keeps flashing it big and hard in his tight silk underwear makes me want him to stuff it into my mouth but he just keeps teasing me with it. We spend time in the shower and he teases me a lot so that my cock is always hard and ready to fuck by making me suck his a lot but he never lets me make him come. Suddenly he tells me to stand up like he really means it and I do and he tells me to stand still then he undresses me and sends me too the bedroom. He makes a phone call and comes into the bedroom after a few minutes and strokes my cock and gently spanks my arse as he cuffs my hands behind my back He says he is gonna show me how to fuck and reaches into a draw and pulls out some panties for me to wear he makes me try on a few pairs before he sees the ones he likes best. Its starting to get dark now and its time to blindfold me so now im in a strange dark bedroom wearing panties and cuffed and blindfolded with a hard aching cock and I dont know what is happening when I hear voices and realise that he has invited some horny mates around to share me with and I cant stop it happening. Soon he comes in and takes me out and makes me stand in front of everyone while they touch and stroke my body and cock and squeeze my arse and my balls. then they make me bend over and I can feel them spreading my arse and lubing up my hole before they fuck it. some one rolls a lounge chair over and then they lift me onto it face down and tie my legs wide apart so that my arse is at just the right height to fuck...I have no idea what happens after that and I think there are about four or five other guys apart from him. But I guess thats what I want to find out.

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