being used as a cum dump

My master was happy how the sauna went the next day after he finished work he messaged me to come to his house
I got to his place and went to the lounge he was horny as his cock was poking out his robe suck bitch
So i sucked him harder it was like steel today after a few mins he wanted to fuck he lubed up and went in
He took hold of my hips and fucked hard real hard then blew he did not pull out but kept pumping cum was running down my leg and my ass was making squissy sounds then he added a second load he took a pic of my cum leaking ass and sent it to a friend of his
A reply came back so he had me dress in lacy panties and a top i was plugged and on the move we got to this house he messaged that we were here and the rolla door opened
We went to a granny flat and the friend was there ready
He ordered me onto the bed and ride the dildo taped to the bed as i sucked then i was turned around rolled onto my back and knees pushed into chest in this guy went
Deep hard strokes this guy had stamina i loved it then he added his cum

These two over the next two years had me either together or solo but it was fun m6 hole has been quiet now for a little bit looking for new master to start bringing it back to life

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