my first time at the sauna

I was rather new to sucking cock i had sucked this one guys cock a few times he also had taken my anal virginity . One session at his house he asked me what i thought about being a bottom i said i love it he said how would i feel about sucking him at a public sauna a all guy sauna i said ok so we got in my car and drove into town when we got there he paid for me to get in. We were given a towel and key we undressed and went to walk around. It was semi lite there was a steam room a dry hot room a pool as spa in here he said we went to the steam room took off the towel and got some heat after a few mins he started playing with my cock and i him guys came in looked and either stayed or left

Then we moved to the dry room the smell of western red cedar was beautiful he sat on top seat and i was told to sit below and suck him this meant my ass was on display as anyone walked in i started to suck him and we were alone for few mins then one guy came in and sat opposite i went to stop and my friend said no continue so i did this guy watched for a bit stroking his cock then left

What was that i asked when he left he was watching you and he enjoyed it my friend did not wanna cum so early so we walked around went up stairs it was darker and a maze he reached out took hold of my cock gripped it and led me round upstairs i dont wanna loose u who knows were if i will find u lol

There were big vinal play areas here get up on here ass up he lubed and in he went as he was fucking me we heard a voice mmmm another show it was the guy from the hot room
my friend was fucking hard i was feeling around to see how close he was and touched his cock
i asked if i could suck and my friend said sure just suck so the guy got to his knees and pushed his cock inpast my lips they both were moaning and soon the cock in my mouth blew he pulled out some in my mouth rest over face
thank u he said and left my friend stopped fucking me and said on move again as we left there was sounds of others getting fucked much harder mmmmm

I was told to leave the cum on my face as we went back down stairs others looked knudged each other and we went to sauna in there was a guy legs spread and a guy ploughing him there was two others lined up others were watching

suck i was told so i did the others were watching me suck and this other get ploughed

One guy asked if he could get sucked ok said my friend so i sucked him my friend entered me again and went stroke dor stroke with the other guy another load in mouth and face
It was replaced by a third cock and then a forth

U slut my friend said and filled my ass with his cum
We were leaving room and a guy followed us out we went to showers as i was a mess cum dripping from face and leaking from my ass

you were good tonight slut my friend said didnt know u had it in u

can i be in him a voice said i been watching for a while and want to fuck him
my friend looked at me i said if my master agrees
my master said only with a condom on
the guy returned put it on i said do u want me to suck u no turn around hands on wall
Lubed up and in he went his cock was huge in it went slowly then it was all in water running down me this guy ploughing me like he wanted to deep there was a small group watching as i was squealing a little

then he blew my legs were weak and he pulled out
left and then we did on way home my ass was sore

My friend told me that cock was nine inches and thick as

when we got back to his place he said stay so i did he fucked me two more times that night then arranged for a surprise later in day but thats another story

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