on the edge

My mate Ryan came to visit me on the weekend. He’s a top too and also into edging, so when he comes over we often watch porn together and jack off. We got particularly horny on Saturday evening so after about an hour of edging ourselves we began watching each other more than the movie. Ryan is a hot guy with a nice defined body and a great 7 inch uncut cock. As he was sitting right beside me I decided to reach over and feel his balls. He clearly liked it so I played with them some more.

It wasn’t long before he returned the favor as I had hoped. My balls hang low due to year of ball stretching which feel amazing when they’re slapping against someone’s ass. I love having them fondled and Ryan was doing a great job. Our hands progressed to each others hard cocks and our experience with edging ourselves was paying off brilliantly with edging each other. I could recognize his moans when he was getting close to orgasm and stopped and brought him back from the edge several times. He did likewise to me.

We continued for about 45 minutes until all I wanted to do was spread his legs and plough into his tight hole with my throbbing tool. I could tell he wanted to do the same to me as he kept trying to finger my hole. One finger was my limit and I really wanted to be the fucker not the fuckee. I knew we needed an alternative before it became a wrestling match with the winner painfully topping the loser. As much as I would have loved to win that match the odds were 50/50 I might have to take Ryan’s huge boner.

I suggested we go down to the local sex venue and find a couple of hot bottoms to take our loads instead. He agreed and we quickly dressed, pushing our raging cocks down our pant legs and hurried down to the venue. Inside we stripped down to towels and went into the sauna. It was sadly empty, so we decided to start edging each other again. Ten minutes into it the door opened and a handsome young guy walked in and sat opposite us, brazenly watching our show. After a very long five minutes he opened his towel and began stoking his thick uncut meat himself. Unsure if he was a top or bottom we continued on each other, watching this hot man wanking in rhythm with us.

Then suddenly he parted his hairy legs. He released his cock and began fingering around his hole with both hands, staring at us, teasing us. Ryan needed no further encouragement and released my boner to sit beside the man and rub his hands over the young stud’s chest. I joined in on the other side of the teenager. He clearly loved having our hands over his body. He moaned when we played with his nipples and spread his legs even wider when I touched his manhole. It was wet and supple as I slowly fingered it. I could see Ryan oozing precum as he watched me prep that hole. We had both been on the edge for too long to spend more time on foreplay and the guy was loving my fingering.

I gestured to Ryan to go for it. He rose and stood in front of the stud’s open legs and without hesitation leaned into him and parted his hole with his hard cockhead. The man groaned at the sensation. I started to precum myself at the sight as Ryan pushed every hard inch inside that glorious hole. When Ryan’s cock was buried to the balls, he paused for a moment to lean over him and kiss him passionately on the mouth. Then leaning back I watched him fuck, slowly at first, long deep penetrating strokes. The pleasure on the young man’s face was obvious and I added to it by playing with his hard cock and squeezing his erect nipples. Ryan had great staying power but I knew when he was getting close to unloading and I instructed him to pull out, which he reluctantly did.

Ryan moved aside and stood watching and stoking his own tool as I took my place between the hot guy’s hairy legs. His hole was dripping wet from Ryan’s efforts and I entered him quickly, slamming my length in until my balls slapped on his ass. Obviously this bottom boy loved a hard fucking, so I gave him one. The sensation of my low slung balls slapping his hot ass was mind blowing, his wet hole wrapped around my hard cock. When I knew I was getting close I pulled out and allowed Ryan to take my place and he following suit by banged that ass with horny gusto. The moaning from this stud was intense. I didn’t want our bottom boy to cum before I had another ride, so I pulled Ryan off him and ploughed the hot young man’s ass again.

As I expected the bottom boy was on the edge himself and as his moans deepened, his hands grabbed his throbbing cock and with a few more hard fucks from my boner he let out a howl and unloaded his man cream. It shot high into the air and landed on his writhing torso as I fucked out load after load from his swollen cock. Ryan was loving the show and licked the hot cum off the stud’s body as soon as it landed. When the guy stopped yelling and bucking his hips I pulled out. Ryan grabbed my cock and his skilled hands had me cumming in seconds. Load after load shot across the man as I tried to keep my balance against my hips thrusting madly into Ryan’s hands. Once Ryan was sure he had wanked the last drop of cum from me he released my grateful boner.

The guy laid there covered in my cum and gestured for Ryan to move back in. Ryan’s cock was clearly ready to unload and this hot young man wanted to be a part of it too. Ryan entered him again as the man wrapped his hairy young legs around Ryan’s lower back drawing him in close. The stud’s strong legs held Ryan inside him and against his body so tightly it reduced how hard Ryan could draw back and fuck. The guy was holding off Ryan’s orgasm for a longer post orgasm fuck for himself. Ryan didn’t seem to mind, enjoying being slowed down and making sure the man felt each deep labored thrust. I played with the guy’s erect nipples and watched his cock get real hard again, responding to the hard cock deep inside his hole. It went on for several long moaning minutes as I wondered if the man was working on a second cumming himself.

Suddenly the young man convulsed as one short stream of cum shot from his cock across his chest and a second stream dripped down his cock. This sight seemed to set Ryan off and he appeared to be cumming inside the stud’s hot ass. I knew for sure when the guy released his leg grip and Ryan’s cock sprang back from inside the manhole with his cum still shooting from its swollen head. Ryan’s cock streamed hot white cum down his own shaft and balls as he sat back heavily on the bench beside us. It was the hottest cum show I had ever seen and certainly one of the best orgasms I’ve had. Ryan told me later it was his longest and biggest load ever. The young man offered to exchange numbers with us and we followed his hot ass out of the steam room to exchange them. I am sure looking forward to making that call.

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