Long time mates, First time ANAL pt.1

Nick and I had been mates for over 15 years since we met in year 7 at high school, but it was only in the last few years after we finished uni that we had caught up again and become good friends. We used to go to the footy, cricket, out to the casino or out on the town to clubs to pick up women together. We were for all purposes just really good mates. One time we even went to the pros together - obviously with separate ladies.

Once Friday night after the usual after work beers, Nick told me that an old female friend of his was coming over to catch up as they hadn't seen each other in 5 years as she had been overseas. He told me he had a crush on her still and was hoping he'd be able to shag her - so I got the idea. Daina arrived and was a very attractive little pocket dynamo. The 3 of us went out for a big night with me playing the part of wingman for Nick. Through the night Daina kept playing up to both of us. She had been getting quite drunk and at separate times of the night had taken each of us into the bathroom for a blowjob, although neither one of us realised what was happening to the other at the time. Daina then drunkenly kissed me after we had a win on the roulette wheel. At this point Nick seemed a little peeved and disappointed. Daina grabbed him and told him that she wanted to fuck both of us - at the same time!!!! We grabbed the next cab and headed back to Nick's place.

About 5 min from home, Daina started to feel sick, so we pulled over and she chucked outside. That was the end of the night for her, we got her back in the cab and she crashed out. We took her back to her parents place and got her safely into bed.
Nick and I left bitterly disappointed.

We got back to his place and both of us were feeling really horny. We both had another beer and Nick decided to pull out his porn videos. We sat there wanking and watching porn, but we both commented on how much better it would have been to have Daina suck our cocks and then fuck her pussy and arse, and get a load or two off. We even talked about going out to try and pick up a local scrubber for a root or go to the pros but it was too late - then I said to Nick that I was so horny that I'd do anything to have my cock sucked or fucked. He looked at me for a second and asked "Anything?" I said "Sure. why?" He then suggested that seeing as we were both horny and desperate for sex, that we suck each other off..... it took a min for the suggestion to register and then he said "its just so we can both get a load off - just sex like we would have had with Daina". Well being pretty drunk and horny as hell, I agreed to it and we both stripped off and decided that rather than taking turns we would 69 each other. It must have been the most awkward looking start to a 69 between two straight guys, but after a min or so we both go into it. I remember looking at his semi-hard cock dangling down in front of my face and thinking "what the hell?" Then I just grabbed it with one hand gave it a couple of wanks and put it in my mouth - it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and Nick's circumcised cock was dripping pre-cum, which had a salty tang but not at all unpleasant like I thought it would be. I proceeded to suck and lick his cock up and down the shaft. Nick wasn't the biggest guy around - about 6 inches long and average girth but it still felt huge in my mouth, especially after a few minutes when he started thrusting his hips down and forcing more of his cock into my mouth. I couldn't really focus on what I was feeling from him sucking on my cock except to say I was rock hard because he was thrusting his cut dick in and out of my mouth at a furious pace. After a few minutes I could feel like I was not far away from cuming so I told Nick to stop. I suggested to him that we take turns at this point as neither he nor i wanted to take a load in the mouth accidently. I volunteered to suck him first, so he laid back on the couch and I grabbed his still rock hard cock and went back to it - I licked and gently sucked his helmet, feeling his rod pulsing in my hand as I worked over his knob and he gave a couple of little moans. Slowly I took more of his cock into my mouth to the point that I had built up a steady up and down rhythm and had made my way more than half way down his cock and his breathing had got faster and heavier with the occasional moan of "oh yeah" or "fuck! yeah!". I got a little deeper and could feel his helmet hit the back of my mouth and tried to take him a little deeper but felt the gag reflex and had to pull off. At this point I looked back up at Nick's face for the first time and saw he was in absolute ecstacy.... I felt thrilled for him and me(that I managed to please him), and went back to trying to deep throat my best mate's cock. I managed to almost get down the entire shaft and could hear his grunts and moans get louder with him even yelling at me "yeah suck it, suck my fucking dick". Then his cock stiffened and twitched slightly, I pulled off to ask him if he was about to cum and his throbbing bright purple helmet launched a huge load right into my chin, a bit of cum splashing on my lips and across my cheek, his cum tasting like ammonia. 3 more streams of hot cum were jettisoned across my chest and shoulders, as Nick grabbed hold of his cock and jerked frantically to get as much as he could out of his helmet with a few more smaller shots making there way onto my arms and stomach. Nick was blown away and smiling like a Cheshire cat after the last couple of drops of cum fell from his still glistening knob. I nearly tore shreds off him as he was supposed to tap me on the shoulder just before he was ready to cum. He had a laugh and apologized before telling me that I had given him an awesome blowjob. I then settled onto the couch ready for my turn. Nick grabbed my slightly limp cock and gave me a few quick jerks, which got the blood flowing again, he then put my semi-hard cock in his mouth and gave it a hoovering like I've never felt before, with nothing else to focus on but Nick working his way up and down my shaft, the feeling was amazing, I don't know whether it was because it was the first real action my cock had seen in a couple of months or whether it was the excitement of having my best mate sucking my cock, but it was the best feeling. After a few minutes of Nick gobbling my cock like an eager beaver, I was rock hard and my uncut cock was busting at the seams. Nick pulled off and I could see my foreskin was rolled all the way back exposing an extremely swollen bright red/purple knob. Nick started to lick around the base of my helmet and I felt little tingles running through my arse and down into the back of my legs. He then gently ran his teeth over my helmet and I could feel the orgasm building and Nick grabbed my cock and then tried deep throating all 7 inches of me - he did a great job and didn't gag nearly as bad as I did. He worked my cock like a champ and a few minutes later I tapped him on the shoulder as I felt it cumming like an out of control freight train with no brakes. I pulled out and wanked my BRIGHT RED helmet and within two pumps shot a stream of pearl across his chest and neck, followed by 4 more massive loads. Nick looked surprised as I finished slowly wanking my now semi-hard dick dripping with a couple of small pearls, but he grabbed my cock before I pulled away and stuffed it in his mouth sucking as hard as he could, my tender knob twitching violently in his mouth as a few more small pearls leaked out of my cock and into his mouth. i asked him what he was doing and he said he felt bad for shooting me in the face so he took a couple of my drops in his mouth. He sucked me for a couple more minutes and cleaned me up as he said he felt he owed it to me and I could feel my cock coming back to life.

Both of us were extremely satisified and covered in each other's cum. We sat there playing with ourselves and watching Nick's porn videos and talking about just what happened, TBC

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