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34, Male
Southport Park, QLD 4215 Australia
Looking for Men Any Age for A relationship, Casual encounters


Sexy Xdresser who love to have fun and satisfy :p need a party BF who we can rape eachother before we go out and have fun Connys style, which is something we can learn together when we party, just like i plan to be you sex slave whenever you call me to serve, i will and only get so good at it that you will want to fuck me as hard as u can because i love being pounded so hard my partner has a deep leg bending paralyzing orgasm with me, as we learn to be a sexual symphony and a party duo that command attention when we walk into any venue...if this sounds like you want it and could handle it, then hit me up and we can talk over the phone...which i prefer cause we can sat alot more than we could in a hour of messages be sent back n forth...much better way to know if we should catch up physically, because reveals soul, typing cannot show personality and a sense of others. So if you would not want to talk to me instead of typing for 4 days then you would not be attractive to me. I like people who can hold a conversation, and can speak freely because they are genuine and thus draw me to want them since I am genuine also. A genuine man is all that deserve me, because I want to know I can give myself to someone who will do the same. So we would only get better and better at pleasing each other, the more we want to be together.

I take please in my partners first, then i can focus about cumming so hard it can make us want to go again, or pass out in total satisfaction in each others arms.

So send me you moby number and i will call up after a few messages to make sure we have values that fit together like our body will do, once we know our minds do also.

Enough ranting...i wake boards, play ice hockey, kite boards, roller blade, run, do like no other and work for myself, my whole life...hence i have a passive income and a lot of time to do what i want in life, which is to learn something everyday. xoxox

Ideal partner

Looking for a athletic man who can take me out when i want to go to dinner or partying...have my own money but would be nice to see generosity in him also...prefer uncut...


Gender: Male
Age 34
Location Southport Park, QLD


Star Sign Scorpio