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50, Male - Single
Sydney, NSW 2219 Australia
Looking for Men between 27 & 60 for A relationship, Friendship

Guy seeking casual dates to see where it leads...

Sydney South guy seeking new mates in Sydney or anywhere in NSW ideally 27-55 years. Sorry guys but although I'm 49 years that's my age range I'm seeking.

Looking for buddies to do coffee with, movies and just do things.
Well educated, down to earth, great SOH, enjoy a wide range of hobbies & interests.

Travelled lots all over the world but also enjoy all that NSW and Australia has to offer.

Physically, I have been told I am good looking but really it is not for the subject to decide;-). I have brown hair, sexy green eyes and more of a swimmer's build than a big thickset guy but I'm not slim, just toned. Do gym regularly, swim lots both laps and in the sea, walk a lot (any guy who's interested in more than friends will need to love walking!), and would like to do more outdoors stuff again - kayaking, and even some camping nights away including bush walking.

Having made it clear I love the outdoors and a lot of fitness I also appreciate living in a city like Sydney - the arts, movies, music concerts, trying new cafes and restaurants, socialising with friends and of course domesticated nights of cooking dinner, eating in (nice Thai, Asian fusion or Japanese or gourmet pizza takeaway) or both of us lounging on the couch watching Netflix or Stan on a weeknight or that end of the week Friday night before starting the weekend.

If you are into sending sex photos back and forth or just chat I'm not interested! Sure nudity and a sexy body turns me on like anyone but preferably in the flesh and taken this decade not last and seriously that doesn't define you I hope and isn't going to determine our suitability as a potential couple even if just casually dating. Think about it!

A clever, sexy mind turns me on as much if not more than your pecs, your d**k shots or that flexing arm muscle - yeah I have all of those too (not pictures) but I only reserve them for people in person, those who mean something to me, call me old fashioned;-)

I like to meet a person in person - you get their real personality, their vibe, their looks in 2017 not 1999;-), and more importantly if there is any chemistry (mind and body between you both). I guess you could say I am on here to date, to really get to know a guy and then take things as they occur.

So...Yeah I guess I'm not your average guy but why would I want to be, why would you want to be like all the other guys. Isn't that what draws two guys together and also causes that electric spark between them - homogenity is not a turn on, differences and imperfections attract and are attractive.

Anyway if after reading this thought out profile and you're interested drop me a line, a wink if you are not a member. Otherwise if your profile attracts my attention I'll let you know.

Remember dating, sex, and love was never meant to be a job interview...

Ideal partner

My ideal mate to start with..let's take it slow:-)

He's masculine, comfortable with who he is, doesn't have to be a show pony (yawn!), has a good SOH, doesn't take himself or life too seriously. He enjoys a balance of stability and infrequent spontaneity - decide to go away for the weekend, jump in the car for a trek across town to a beach for a swim, or even just the chilled nature to just relax at weekends - movies, cafes, reading on a beach or a lawn together, trying new restaurants or cafes - I love food and trying new cuisines.

Good conversation won't scare him, he'll have lots to contribute being educated (up to end of high school/HSC is fine but if you've done university that's great - a good mind and good personality turn me on me on more than a guy with a perfect physique who isn't interested in history, in conversations, even philosophy). It's about the whole package.

Physically I'm open minded but prefer guys but he needs to be hygienic and take care of his body. Doesn't have to be a fitness guy but not a potato couch guy either. I too love to just kick back every now and then but I like regular exercise (5 times a week but not nec. gym), make daily exercise a priority to keep fit.

Other things - he'll be an open communicator not into neanderthal machismo. Been there. Done that.
On the other hand I wouldn't want a partner calling me twice a day just to check in. We might be a couple but we can breathe apart right?:-)...and yes we both continue to have a life and friends but within reason...since any relationship you have to really work out to make it work.


Gender: Male
Age 50
Location Sydney, NSW
Status Single
Sexual Preference Gay
Versatility Versatile


Height 180 cm (5'11'')
Weight 76 kg
Body Type Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Body Hair Light
Pubic Hair Hairy
Endowment Length 15 cm (6'') - 18 cm (7'')
Endowment Girth Average
Circumcised No


Lifestyle Healthy
Drinking I drink socially
Smoking Non-Smoker
Diet I'll eat anything
Practice Safe Sex Always


Ethnic Background White / Caucasian
Languages English
Personality Honest / Genuine
Star Sign Cancer
Religion Anglican
Religious Views Ask me later
Political Attitude Politically aware

Children & Pets

Have Children No
Want Children No
Have Pets Not a fan of pets

Work & Education

Education Masters degree
Industry Consulting & Strategy


1 on 1 sex