COVID-19 Update

Member interaction and COVID-19

Whilst COVID-19 is not classed as a sexually transmittable disease we still strongly recommend that our members practice social distancing at this time. Does this mean you can hook up? If you have a regular partner and neither of you have travelled recently or aren't showing symptoms then life goes on as normal. In fact, if you are quarantined with your SO some doctors are prescribing sex as a way to feel more connected while you are disconnected from the outside world. However, If one of you starts to show symptoms you will obviously need to follow your doctor’s advice.

What about new partners? Doctors do not know at this time if COVID-19 is present in vaginal secretions or semen. But sex, by its very nature, requires body to body contact which isn’t in the realm of social distancing. Doctors are advising that if you even so much as snog someone then you’ve definitely increased your chances of it being transmitted to you. 

Available Now

We removed the 'Available Now' feature from the site temporarily as we don't want to encourage our members to make themselves available for meetups. We have also paused events and travel listings until later this year and will update those sections as advice is received. 

Stay Connected – Free Chat Extended

We have extended our free chat room hours from 3pm to 10:30pm. We want all our members to be able to connect with like-minded people online so you can support each other through this uncertain time. So you can still get up close and personal with your fellow members while practising sensible social distancing. 

We have any launched our new webcam chat system which is now compatible with all mobile devices. Read more

We’re here to help support you but we need your help too!

We’re an Aussie company through and through and want to be here to support all of our members to get through this catastrophic period of time. Our support staff and management team are based here in Australia and to be honest we don’t want to add to the unemployment problem which so many Australians are facing this week and if that means running at break even or even a loss during this time in order to keep our staff employed we’re committed to that.

But we need your help to achieve this. We will be offering some special deals over the coming weeks because even though we can’t physically hook up in the current situation there is a lot to keep you entertained on the site with member videos, raunchy photos and even raunchier conversations. And there’s nothing wrong with creating post-pandemic fuckit lists now so you can bang your way into a bright new world when this is over.

So please try to support us as much as you can, tell your friends about free chatroom, about accessing the 15k+ member videos for free, about learning some new sexy skills on our blog or reading erotica in our member stories section. 

If we’re going to be locked down let’s keep it sexy as fuck.

We need your help to make Adult Match Maker go viral.

Social isolation and mental health

It has been estimated that suicide amongst Australians will also increase during this time of mass unemployment and social isolation. Psychologists are telling us that keeping people feeling connected and supported is going to be paramount.

If you know of a member who is struggling mentally or emotionally and you are concerned as have listed some support services in our Help section, alternatively, you can contact Support and we will reach out to them.

More sexual health advice

We’ve already posted a blog article about Love in Quarantine and have more which we are finalising. Our resident sexperts, psychologists and journalists do their research and will offer some practical advice so watch as we publish these over the coming days and weeks.

Remember masturbation will not spread COVID-19 so you are your safest sex partner during this pandemic. The next safest option is someone you live with or are isolating with. If you meet your sex partners online or are multi-dating then the advice is to limit your sexual partners and consider taking a total break from in-person dates or sexual contact. Webcam, chat room, skype, messenger all maintain social distancing which is so critical at this point in time.
Source: download full article here

For regular updates on the COVID-19 situation head to the Aus Gov Department of Health website.