Wink Settings

Winks are fun, flattering and a great tool to let you know who is interested in you. If you feel, however, that the number of winks you receive is getting out of control or you want to be more selective about who can send you a wink, this new Wink Setting will help you.

With the Wink Setting, you can choose a maximum number of messages you wish to receive in a day ranging from ‘None’, 5, 10, 25, to ‘Unlimited’. You can also further filter who can send you a wink by age and/or preferred member type (male, female, couple, group, transgender)*. The initial setting is an ‘Unlimited’ number of winks and ’No filter’ on member type. You can change the settings as often as you would like. So give it a try and see if this makes your life easier!

You can learn more about this function at our Help Center