Submit your events on Gay Match Maker

The events section is restricted to well organised events, club nights, venues and parties. GLBT party organisers and venues are more than welcome to list their regular events.

Listing your events is a simple 2 step process:

  • Register on our affiliated site and verify your email address via our welcome email.
  • Login to your new account and submit your event under the "Advertisers" section.

We do offer a premium service where we feature some events on our site/s. To find out more contact [email protected]

Events are generally approved within 24hrs and will appear on Gay Match Maker as well as our affiliated Dating Guide websites. Please note that if the event is open to the GLBTIQ community you can also choose for the event to also be listed on Gay Match Maker. We recommend listing your events well in advance to maximise exposure. Approval is at our discretion.

We also feature a Clubs & Venues section on our sites. If you would like to submit a Club listing please contact [email protected]