The Juicy Rump

A True Story

It was mid January this year, and Alice Springs was still in its summer close down so everywhere was extra quiet. Quiet, hot and a bit lonely at this oasis in the middle of the desert.

I was staying at the Alice Springs casino hotel, and after a day out seeing the handful of customers still in town, I came back for my desert ritual of a cooling swim to reset before another client dinner. The pool area was surprisingly busy. Everyone who was staying there seemed to be out in the late afternoon sun and that's when I met this smiling mature man. It almost seemed like he was waiting for me with his familiar smile and relaxed attitude. We got chatting.

Nothing too engaging at first, just a few witty comments and light humour. He must've been mid-late 60s, neat silver beard, small business type, unremarkable but not unattractive, a bit of a typical Aussie male of that vintage, a few curves, definitely straight I thought, and it didn't really click for a while that he might be looking for something more. Or that he might be looking at me.

Uninvited, he swam over to me in the pool and handed me a fresh beer can. How could I refuse – it was like he read my mind. I owed him a proper conversation at that point. He introduced himself as ‘Bob from Adelaide” and told me his wife had just left him after 40yrs of marriage and he was determined to be as far away from her as he could get, having flown up that day. We must’ve been on the same plane, that's why I vaguely recognised his face.

He elaborated. Chest-deep in the pool, beer in hand, he was very forthcoming about his break up, it was awkward the amount of detail he shared considering I’d only just met him: He had a much higher sex drive than her. He loved an adventure while she very conservative. He went on and become more intimate, amongst which he confessed to “always having an interest in guys your age" at times and that “if only she knew she’d have left me years ago!”. It was obviously a targeted comment and he supported it with his body language and insistence on buying me another drink.

Just quietly, this could be on, I remember thinking. He was definitely my type. I have a thing for older men, I have ever since I was a teenager, and fortuntely for me the feeling is often mutual. In this case, inevitable. Fatalistic even. We agreed to catch up later as I had a client dinner.

It sounds too scripted to be true but it is; as planned at 9pm we met at the "Juicy Rump" bar at the hotel. It would become an entirely appropriate metaphor for the night. He’d obviously had a few more drinks by then, and that façade of gentlemanly manners was replaced by a much more focused look and conversation. We had a couple of sharper drinks, and he touched my leg a few times, dwelling enough to make me aware of his intentions but not oo long to attract unwanted attention. It was a given that this was going to be discreet even though we were thousands of kilometres away from our home towns. I enjoyed his company, he was charming and intruiging. “Are you the kind of guy I think you are?” he said smirking at me a bit pissy and playfully slurry. His hand moved across to the flesh of my thigh. “That depends who you think I am?” I said trying to tease him out a bit. “Well why don’t we go back to my room and find out?” he said.

From the moment the door of his room closed behind us, it was clear this was not his first rodeo. Nor mine for that matter. We kissed and stripped off simultaneously. It was controlled and purposeful, but there was a testosterone supercharging to it and a sense of urgency. The cool of the air conditioning on my bare body was an added incentive to get totally nude and vulnerable for him, and he had me pinned to the bed on top of me between my legs and I could already feel his cock was big and hard pushing against me. I desperately wanted to see it and taste it.

He mutterred something about if he needed to use a condom because he would prefer not to. I have a rule about that: only married men can fuck me bareback. I figured he still qualified, in reality I just wanted his cock in me so much in such a short amount of time I was an easy sell. He promised me he was 100% clean and I told him there were no limits. I was his to use for whatever means and pleasures he had ever imagined. Just do it now!

I tend to say this a lot about mature men, but Bob’s cock was genuinely magnificent. About 7-8" cut a solid width and shaved with smooth full balls and there's no doubt the viagra was pumping blood to it, it was so hard and willing. This confident older man was obviously fancied himself as a bit of a player, or at least prepped himself for a big night with me. But I guess for me to be naked at his crotch, my smooth shaved bum flushed and flared out, aching for his attention with his well groomed penis in my mouth just a few hours after meeting him, the same could be said about me!

I sucked his sexy senior cock and mouthed his beautiful big balls. He smelled so good. He was manly and boozey with almost a wood stain aroma. His cock seemed to keep filling out and swelling up for me. He guided my head down to gag me a little on him and I tried my best to swallow his thick manly tool to turn him on while i felt him pulling at my own harding shaft. Even with the blasting cold air con it was starting to get sweaty. Without prompting, I dived in and ate his clean but hairy arsehole knowing it would give his cock a reminder how naughty the younger slut he was about to fuck was and how willing I was to please. That rusty sexy taste, brief as it was, got me more in the mood too.

He licked his fingers and started to probe into my pussy and I pressed my hips against them. I was so ready for him, he had a couple of digits in me and I reached back and pushed his hand against my bum so he knew that was my thing. He seemed to know that anyway as he really pushed his hand into me and probed around stretching my hole open. I think i said something like "you really do know me, then?" and he just muscled his hand into me and I could tell he had 4 fingers in me and just his thumb poking out like he was shaking hands with my hot little cunt.

I gogged my face up and down slobbering all over his fabulous penis, bobbing my head and lashing my tongue around his cock bulb and man handling his wonderfully swollen balls as he continued his exploration of my arsehole, spitting erotically into my hole and his hand making slurping noises as my bum shamelessly flowered open and I could feel that cool air conditioning on the pink insides of my entrance. "You've had a few cocks in there, haven't you?!" he said, or something like that. I always get found out! "I want yours to be the next" I think I said.

Bob slipped behind me and spooned me, lining his cock up with my pussy and raising my knee enough so his knob pressed against my wet pink hole and he just pushed straight past my entrance and the length of his rigid mature cock sunk slowly into my bowels. It was the most sublime feeling. It felt bigger than it was, as it just kept going in and in and I relaxed quickly around it, already primed by him and half a lifetime of spreading my cheeks part-time for hot mature cock. I just wanted him to impale me, and impale me he did.

He worked my depths, drilling out his cock shaped tunnel in me, then making me gasp and my pussy clutch at thin air as he pulled out and back in again. My dick was standing at involuntary attention. I was already super hot for this senior man and he seemed to know exactly how to treat me. He pinched my nipple and pushed his cock in and out until i was loose enough for him to slide around inside me. I get a pretty wet pussy anyway, I’ve always been lucky like that, but he was just spit and pussy juice in there and I was obviously all juiced up with lust for his anal invasion.

I straddled him on top and knelt down on his cock so that last millimetre of daddy dick was absorbed in my cunt and his full balls squashed under me. Grinding my hips and holding my hands up to the back of my head, I sat that dick into my burning anus and then leaned forward to give it a proper ride. He was so hard, litereally like a pole, and his cock slid freely in and out of me. It felt so fucking good I just rode him as he made these semi-agonised, semi-delerious fuck faces that I assumed meant hie was trying desperately not to cum. I didn’t want this to be over too soon, but I couldn’t help but bump on that fabulous poppa penis and use my pussy muscles to milk at him so I got the maximum pleasure from every last dick-loving nerve ending inside me.

It got too much for him and he pushed me off and pulled out, taking the chance to get a faceful of my gaped arsehole and dart his tongue around inside me as he inhaled my sweet musky flavour and made me tingle to my toes with pleasure. I lay back spreading my legs and raising my knees, pushing my arse into his face and repositioning myself as his glazed, glistening cock gravitated perfectly to my mouth and I got to taste my own fuck juices on his twitching tool. We had this arse-to-cock 69er and indulged in each others special talent areas. His cock was cleaned, spit-lubed and ready for another anal bout. My pussy was salivated all over, plumped up and ready for a proper pounding from my horny grandpa lover.

Bob pushed me back half upside down and pushed his slobber-covered tool straight into me and he felt huge in me again as he pushed down to hit the walls of my bowels. I could see the determined look on his face, and the sweat peeling off the edges of his forehead as he determinedly fucked into me. Almost turning me over to access my arsehole like a portal to dock his space probe in and send us both to another universe. He propped his body against my upside-down arse and pushed back on my ankles and I could tell he was going for glory. His cock began to pulse inside me and I urged him to cum deep in my arse, so fucking deep I wanted his sperm swimming out my mouth! He banged away at me, literally, banging the bed on the wall and slapping his body against mine violently and then he honed in on the prize, become more deliberate and placing his tool into the lock of my hot horny younger pussy.

“Fuck yes! Please!” I was urging him on, Clutching at his cock with my cunt and begging him to destroy my arsehole. His arms broke down as he unloaded into me, collapsing on top of me as his cock locked and loaded spurts of hot gay lust into my disgracefully deep and hungry anus. It was erotic and exhaisting in equal measures. He kept pumping and pumping. It was like two loads in one.

He seemed very pelased with himself and me. He lay there for a bit, panting and giving a few complimentary “whoa’s” and “damns!” until his cock fell out (but still pretty hard) along with an accompanying drizzle of sperm. But the majority of his creamy goodness remained a good 8 inches up my arsehole where I wanted it. I gored at his cock, desperate to just taste his cum-soaked tool and my pussy juices all mixed up after an epic fucking. I got my wish, then he flinched and pushed me away. Too much of a good thing.

He wasn’t much for romance after that tho, I mean in my experience 90% of mature guys are like that and as long as they don’t mnd me finishing myself off at that moment, then it’s a happy ending for everyone. I said I thought I should go but he insisted we sit around a minute and have a beer. It seemed right, if not a bit old-school Aussie. Still nude, I gladly agreed to pose for some souvenir pics of me gaping my coozey arsehole for his phone camera. I could easily slip my own 4 fingers in my stretched wet hole and barely touch the sides. He’d left quite an impression on me!

I don’t know if he was just making me feel good, but he told me I have one of the nicest arseholes he’s fucked “and I’ve fucked a lot arseholes, pardon the pun…” he added LOL. All I could think of was the Juicy Rump and I just didn’t go there, tho it was pecking at my mind! Well you got me from the Juicy Rump didn’t you? I’ll have the creamy pepper sauce! Make mine well done! I couldn’t say it. I went back to my room and slept well nude with his cum in me.

The next day he left a nice note with his number for me at reception as I checked out. We plan to see each other again one day. Maybe another catch up at the Juicy Rump?

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