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My old next door neighbour ended up bringing his old friend over home when mum and dad was away for the weekend. They both stripped off and stood in front of me with their old foreskin covered cock poking out, they started sucking my nipples through my bra then one guy would pull my gstring aside and slip his tounge up my tight bottom whilst the other guy pulled my cock out of my panties and started sucking me. My neighbours friend had not seen a guy with such little pubic hair, he was so excited. He got in his hands and knees and said for me to fuck him. I’d never fucked a guy before so my neighbour held my hard dripping cock and rubbed my knob over his his friend’s hairy bottom, it tickled my knob so much. My neighbour pushed his finger into my hairless bottom and that made me push my cock into his olds friend tight bottom. I started moving my cock in and out as my neighbour was finger fucking my tight bottom hole, this was heaven. Then my neighbour took his finger out of my bottom and started pushing his old cock deep inside of me, it hurt a little at first but to have my cock in another mans bottom and a cock in my hairless bottom was beautiful. I told them I was going to cum and when I shot my hot cum up my neighbours friends bottom my neighbour shot his cum up my bottom. The three of us layed back on the bed and started licking the cum out of our bottoms. So I definitely enjoy both been fucked and fucking another guy. My one and only 3some and you can definitely not let one guy out, it’s to be enjoyed by all three.

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