My older friend

A True Story

Continue on .... my old next door friends, friend did not come over. So my next door neighbour stripped my bra and panties off and we went inside to the bed. His beautiful cock knob was poking through his foreskin so as he lay me on the bed my mouth swallowed his cum covered cock his pre cum tasted so nice. He laughted at me and said do I shave my pubic hair and I said no I just don’t have a lot, he got more excited as he was licking my hairless tight pussey and I was licking his pussey covered in hair. He layed on his back with his beautiful foreskin covered cock and I put my bra on, his cock was fat and long as I opened up my pussey and slowly sat down on him. It hurt a little as his cock went through my tight spot. But he started playing with my nipples poking through my bra and I slowly slipped down on his cock. To feel his cock so deep inside of me was heaven. I started to ride his cock, his cock would just about come out of my tight hole then I would let it slip all the way back inside of me. My pre cum was dripping all over his stomach , then I felt him cum, he pushed so deep into me when his hot cum exploded, I clinched my buttocks so I could milk as much hot come out of him, I shot my cum all over his chest. He had me bend over afterwards so he could lick all of his cum that was dripping out of my tight pussey.

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