I was 18 yrs old still living at home , my parents went a

A True Story

I was 18 yrs old my parents went away for the weekend so I dressed in my bra and panties and was swimming in our pool. Our next door neighbour, must be 60 yrs old put his face over the fence and said can I join you. I met him at the front door with my robe on. We went to the swimming pool and he stripped off his clothes and his foreskin looked so beautiful and I was standing infront of him in my see thru bra and panties. He started pinching my nipples through my bra as my hand was playing with his old hard cock and beautiful foreskin, he bent down and started sucking my pre cum from my cock through my panties mmmm. He then said he had an older friend coming over and would I like a threesome ........

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