My Happy Xmas Fuck

I've known him for about 10yrs or more we met thru a work contract in Melbourne but this time he looked me up because he reckons I have the best arse for fun he'd ever had (very flattered as I said!). Sine we have a history and also is married, actually twice, so I know he is safe and clean so thats why I was cool with bareback. In fact thats what I was the most excited about, that and he has a really nice big cut cock and he always smells nice and is very well groomed etc. He's just a nice sexy older guy.

So he is over in Adl leading up to Xmas and messaged me saying can I meet him in a couple of hours at the Crowne Plaza hotel, so I had to make up a meeting to get out of the office and meet him in the bar there. I have a bit of a 'thing' for older men and this guy is kind of Dom and charming at the same time so I was really keen to see him again. We had a quick drink and went up to his room- it was just a sex date really and kinda made me extra horny going from work to the hotel in about half an hour I went from crunching data from Zero to having my pants around my ankles kissing this hot mature guy with his fingers in my bum and both our hard cocks rubbing together.

He's a bit rough and forceful pushing me down to his crotch to suck him and holding my head to make me gag on his cock in my throat and to be honest that was a real turn on, making me choke a bit and I'm inhaling the kind of sexy musky aroma of his cock and balls as he calls me a slut. Meanwhile he's simultaneously stripping me down and I'm nude and we make our way to the bed and he gets me to lie under him and he sixty-nines me with his cock down my throat and he sucks on my hard dick a bit but is far more interested in fingering my arse and spreading my legs back so he can plunge his tongue into me and suck my bum like a lollypop. As you can imagine, this - especially the sucking - is making me almost cum and I'm having to concentrate on that while sucking his cock and gagging on it, I was getting a bit of a fuck frenzy going on and it was only a couple of minutes in lol! It felt like he had 3 or 4 fingers in me and my bum is just opening up and I'm subconsciously spreading my legs wider and wider to get him into me, while he is making sexy comments about how moist my arsehole is and how much he's missed it.

I think, actually I know I reached around and pushed his hand into my pussy, making it obvious how much I liked it. I was totally gone at that point! His big cock and smooth balls were firmed up ready for me and I was asking him to please fuck me now. He knew he was in control and made me finger myself and lick my fingers clean and he stood back and stroked this cock (it looked so hot to see him) watching me masturbate and I pretty much had my hand wedged up my bum legs spread and my cock was so hard and close to cumming, it was a bit of a moment. So then he turned around and put his sexy bum towards my face and I dived between his bum cheeks to lick his arsehole and again that almost made me cum to taste him, he's a really clean guy and his arse tastes like musk Starburst and then I'm just working down again along his big full balls to get his cock back in my mouth and his hand reaches back and positions firmly but not threateningly around my neck and I'm taking his cock reverse like a train down my mouth tunnel. So hot!

Now we are done playing and I'm basically begging him to put his cock in me and my arse is super wet and gooey, so he lines me up husband and wife style with him sliding between my legs and raising my knees and kissing my neck as he lines his cock up with my hole and literally drives it into me in one strong slightly agonising stroke and there I have his cock almost balls deep in me raw and beautiful, it was just the best feeling. He pushed against me and held his cock in me as I'm struggling not to twitch against it and relax, then just a few deep breaths and suddenly my bum is all tingles and hot flushes and he is fucking me bareback and I'm 100% his pussy, spread and loving it.

So he fucked me top and bottom, moving deeper and deeper into me as he went I had his cock completely enveloped inside me and moving freely he's calling me a slut and my arse is his favourite, and all that kind of thing knowing that what I wanted to hear. Slamming my arse and slamming my bum cheeks so they feel like cold steel so sore they're numb and pulling down on my cock and balls like a bellringer stretching them until it hurt. I'm feeling like I'm going to cum my arse is twitching hard and I'm pretty much out of control of it now and he knows it. He just sits me up on top and I straddle him with all his cock in me and he's pinching my nipples hard (the only thing that stopped me cumming on his cock at that point) and he is calling me nasty names and finally he tells me he's cumming and it was like his cock just moved to the sweetspot in my bum and I arched my back and he spits and spurts and his balls draw up and shoot pump after pump of sperm into my greedy pussy so deep and warm and hot, he's just growling and it keeps cumming and its starting to leak out already before he's even finished!

Absolutely the best feeling in the world to have that sperm inside me at that moment I was holding my hair hands behind my head just feeling how good it was inside me and I felt like he had made me complete. I didn't even notice that I had kind of cum myself in amongst all of that, at least I'd leaked enough that I had pretty much cum myself from his cock in me. So I ease off his cock and there it is staring at me so I couldn't resist his request to have a quick suck on it fresh from my bum and I don't mind saying so myself it was so deliciously sexy and musky and salty and yum! Embrassingly I'm doing little cum pussy-farts with every move and he gets me to finger myself again and there is a gape there with a lot of cum oozing out! I never gape unless I'm really horny so I know he's got me really hot! I was still wanting more but he had done his load and anyway I did have to get back to work. Oh yeah thats right, back to work! I did oblige him by somewhat blushingly posing for some photos with my stretched bruised bum to the phone leaking his cum, then I had a quick shower and went back to the office.

To be honest I spent the rest of the day trying to wipe the smile off my face and balance that weird bisexual guilt and dread of it all. I think I actually spontaneously orgasmed from him fucking me which proves I was super horny I've only done that a handful of times before. It was honestly a very lean year in many respects, but finally as the end approaches at least something good came out of (or into me) 2020.

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