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Brand we love
  • Sax leather for premium Australian made bondage gear and quality bdsm equipment
    Celebrating 30 Years in Business, S(A)X Leather is the Premier Destination for Premium Australian Made Bondage Gear, Quality BDSM Equipment and a Full Range of Top Quality Adult Fantasy Toys.

    If your interest is in leather fetish then S(A)X Leather is your place of fantasy. S(A)X Leather are an Icon of the Australian Leather Fetish Scene. Their business philosophy is based around 'Quality and Service', and handcrafted Australian Made Leather Bondage & BDSM Gear is what they do best. All of their leather gear is made from the finest Australian leather in a factory based here in Sydney.

    S(A)X is also now expanding the range of goods they offer, through the online store, to include complementary brands from leading overseas suppliers such as Oxballs and Barcode Berlin.

    So if you are a master, mistress, slave, dominant, submissive, bear, biker or any kind of leather lover, or just wishing to spice up your sex life then make sure you check them out. They may well have just what you are looking for!

    Give them a call or visit their website, and make sure you mention that you are an Gay Match Maker member.

    P: +61 (2) 474 835 124