At Gay Match Maker, we are committed to genuine profiles. As a part of our commitment to you, we’ve enhanced features to make genuine profiles stand out more and to make it easier for you to report fake or suspicious members.

We want our members to be a part of an active, supportive, sexy community and that means taking action on fake profiles.

Verify Your Profile

Verify your profile

Did you know that our members often search for verified profiles only? Verify your profile and increase your chances to hook up with other genuine members.

Verify Profile

As a verified member

Member Validation

Let other members know the person behind the profile is real through our Member Validation feature. To validate a member, simply go to the member’s profile and click the ‘Post Validation’ button.

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Member Validation Feature

Report Member Feature


Our new ‘Report Member’ feature makes it easier to let Support know that you have found a suspicious profile so that we can investigate further. Just go to the profile you would like to report and click the ‘Report Member’ link.

Report Member Feature